Robert’s Ideas: Notes from our Conversations

1. Using GPS in phone for emergency at the university for disabled students.

Talking with friends about the issue, he said that if he was in the stairwell, unless someone was actually with you, they would not know someone was in the stairwell.   And, even if someone DID know where you were, if they got hurt or trapped on the way out, there would be no one to tell first responders that a person with disabilities was waiting in the stairwell.

Robert understands that it is policy that first responders will check the stairwells and restrooms, but much time can be saved if we take advantage of GPS technology found in the vast majority of mobile phones.

Because the University database already has the phones of all the students on-campus or off-campus,

Can we use that technology for geolocation?

The idea being that is a student is unable to call out for help using the phone, that we can use the phone geolocation technology to find the student!

We sent an email off to Barry #1 for consideration, and we are keeping our fingers crossed!


2. Institute a day of Wheelchairs where able-bodied students learn what its like to have to use a wheelchair for their daily activities.   Robert has provided some initial (great) ideas to Karla, and she, in turn, is working to see this idea come to fruition.

3. Crow’s Nest articles

Previous articles Robert wrote included “Construction eliminated disabled parking”

4. Teach the webmistriss Dragon Naturally Speaking


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