Overcoming All Obstacles ACT I

Scene 1

(in the blackout — the sound of a baby)

NARRATOR (Either behind a screen or SR)

I was born on August 10, 1972 to a wonderful family in California.  My life started like any other child’s but there were surprises along the way that my Mom, Dad and siblings would have to deal with.  I was brought home from the hospital…..

(Lights up on a small family–Mom, Dad, Kimberly, Richard and Antionette.  Mom holding a newborn baby)


Kids, I would like you to meet your new brother, Robert.  Robert, this is Richard, Kimberly and Antionette.

(Each child steps forward as their name is called and looks at the baby.  The children leave the stage)


I don’t understand this.  He is so still….Robert doesn’t seem to be moving around much in his crib, I wonder if this is normal?  I mean, do you you think he is feeling all right?  I think we should take him to the doctor.

DAD (smiling)

Well, let’s take him to see the doctor and see if he can give us some answers.




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