(Teacher’s desk moves on.  Teacher and Robert walk on)


Robert, I want to talk to you about your diploma.

ROBERT smiling

What about it?


Well you have a choice to make and I wanted to let you know what that was all about.  You can get a “regular” diploma or you could get a “special” diploma.


And the difference would be?


A “special” diploma is a certificate of completion from the high school… and you could get that now and graduate with your friends.   A “regular” diploma is just that, a high school diploma and you would have to go to school a bit longer to get that one.



Will a college take a “special” diploma if I wanted to go to college?


Yes. I am sure they would.


How much more time would I have to go to school if I wanted a regular diploma?


I would say 3-4 more years.

(Robert looks at Narrator)


Well I was already 19 and the thought of sticking around another 3-4 years didn’t do much for me, so I said…

(Robert looks back at the teacher)


Since a college will accept a “special” diploma, then I think I will take that.

(Robert and the teacher leave the stage.  Graduation music is heard.  Principle, 2 teachers sit “on stage”.  Robert comes across the stage.  Is handed his diploma.)


GRADUATION!! Is there anything more wonderful?? My parents and the entire family were there.  I felt the support of the entire school and when the principle said my name:


Robert Beasey!


I went across the stage.  When he handed me the diploma, I looked at the audience and saw it!! They were standing up….they were all standing up for me.

(Sound of applause)

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