(Blank Stage)


Making friends is “different” for me.  I tend to have to make the first move and then they seem to come around.  I can’t blame them.  I guess people that are different are kind of…well, different.  Many of my friends, when I was in high school, would come up to me and tell me that they could maneuver my chair than I could–we would laugh and then…poof…friends!  Such simple things can be the start of beautiful relationships.  High School …difficult for most, but I had an interesting time of it.  I was like the test subject for the physically disabled students.  I would make deals with the teachers….

(Teacher walks on stage)

ROBERT continues

Hey I will make a deal with you about your class.


I am not sure Robert, my class isn’t an easy one…


I will get an A or a B in your class or I will drop the class. I know I can do it.


Robert, it is going to be a lot of hard work.


I know I can do it.

TEACHER smiling

Ok, Robert you have a deal….(walks offstage smiling at Robert)

NARRATOR to audience

Ya know, every class I took was a mainstream class.  I got an A or B too!! I also took 3rd prize in a lip synch contest….(Music starts to play and Narrator lip syncs to the music for a few moments) I think I should have won but you can’t have everything.

(Dr. Dad and Mom walk on stage)


Another surgery?!?


He seems to be doing so well and is really enjoying school.


I know this is difficult.  But we need to do these now if we are going to get past other problems later.

(Another Dr. enters and they set up for surgery again.  The Drs. turn to audience as if they are talking to Robert)


We need to release your hamstrings again Robert and fuse your big toes.


We also need to operate on your groin area.  We also would like to do a hip replacement surgery.


And how long would I be in the hospital if we did this hip replacement surgery?

DRs looking at each other

Oh, only 6-8 weeks more.


They didn’t do the hip replacement surgery (smiles at the audience).

(Music plays)

I returned to high school and went to my prom–I went alone stag as they say.


Where is your date Robert?


I came stag.


Don’t tell anyone.  Tell them that your date is in the bathroom.


Why? Because if I say that, they’re going to be wondering how long she’s been in the bathroom.  And then they’ll know I came alone.  So this way if they ask me I’ll just tell them the truth.


Two weeks after the prom, I was called into my teacher’s office…



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