Overcoming All Obstacles ACT I (Scene 3)

Scene 3

(Hospital Operating Room.  Drs. operating on a small child)


Let me tell you about hospitals….Hospitals can be scary places.  But in the end hospitals can be fun too.  You become familiar with the doctors and nurses and they seem like another part of your family….well the more support the better at times like these huh?  (Looking at the operating room)  Anyway, my first surgery was when I was when I was 4.  It was a hamstring release behind both knees, a heel cord release on both heels and a muscle transference on my left arm.  AND they put a pen in my left thumb to keep my thumb out of my hand.  You see the muscles contract and must be released or they will stay that way–what did you do on your 4th birthday? (Smiles at audience) SO a young Robert went into the operating room for the first time…

Dr. to unconscious boy on table

You are doing great Robert.  You are just doing great.

NARRATOR smiles.

And then I was 6….

(Mother and Dr. walk on)


Now explain this to me again?


Robert’s eyesight is in danger.  He has what we call a “lazy” eye.  We need to operate on him quickly or he will lose all the sight in his left eye and end up legally blind.


But he is just a little boy…isn’t there any other way?


If there was I would try it but I don’t see how we can correct it without the surgery.


Ok…if you must.

NARRATOR putting a patch over his left eye

So I got my second operation.  I wore a patch over my eye for about a month.   Scary for a little kid….but I had the support of my family and friends….oh did I tell you about my friends?


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