Overcoming All Obstacles ACT I (Scene 2)

Scene 2

(Light spots come up on 5 doctors.  Mom and dad take the baby to each as the narrator speaks)


They took me to one doctor….he said I was fine.  Then they took me to a second doctor.  He said the same thing.  This went on for 5 different doctors.  My  mother knew there was something just not right and did not rest until she found a doctor who actually gave them some news….

(Lights up on Doctor sitting at a desk.   Two chairs facing upstairs toward the doctor.  The Doctor gestures for the couple to sit)


Mr. and Mrs. Beasey I am afraid that I  have some bad news.  Through my tests and analysis of why Robert isn’t moving around I have found that Robert has Cerebral Palsy. (PAUSE) Cerebral Palso (CP) is a static motor disorder that usually makes appearance before the child is 3 years of age.  It is due to an injury to the brain that is not progressive.  Whereas the reality of CP is widely accepted, the causation of CP is quite controversial.  In the child’s transiet apnea may possibly have led to a temporary insufficiency of oxygen to the brain and hence to CP.  CP affects motor functions, not intelligence.  A child with CP can be flaccid (unusually floppy) or spastic (unusually tight).  In any case, a child with CP should have careful comprehensive evaluation and consideration of early treatment, which is often multidisciplinary (with physical therapy, speech therapy, etc.) (LONG PAUSE) I know that this is hard news for you to hear but I must give you the options as I see them.  You can keep Robert with you, knowing full well that this will be a full time job and see to his needs.  He will require surgeries as he grows and in my opinion would likely live in a vegetative state, meaning that I doubt he would ever be able to talk, walk, or move his arms and legs at all.  Your other option would be to put him in an institution that would be suited to take care of his needs.  This would be expensive and separate you from your son.  I know this is a lot to hear at one sitting….I am sorry.  I will just leave you to think.

(The Doctor Exists.  Parents Hug)

NARRATOR looking at the audience

Well here I am, so I will let you decide what they chose….Although I am sure it wasn’t easy to hear or decide.  Home we went.



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